No Junior Holy Spirit

April 4, 2016

I recently heard that there is no such thing as a “Junior Holy Spirit;” the same Spirit that raised Christ 

from the dead is at work in the life of every person who believes in Jesus, regardless of age or any other 

characteristic.  The kids Care Fresno serves all need to be mentored and discipled, and I need to be 

aware of areas where I can speak into their lives, but at the same time, I need to humbly be open to 

learning from them while praying for more kids to say yes to God.


When I first began mentoring Alexa, I would pray with her with the goal of modeling prayer for her.  

However, it didn’t take long for me to begin learning about prayer from her.  I told her that prayer was 

talking to God, but beyond that, the Holy Spirit is at work in her life, teaching her to pray.  Alexa is eager 

to tell her Daddy and Best Friend about her day, and approaches Him with complete confidence that He 

is listening to her every word.  She boldly makes requests of the Most High King for herself as well as for 

people she doesn’t know, and when she has a question for Him, she asks without hesitation.  She prays 

unselfishly that God would bless people I am prone to ignore.  I admire the way she prays and I want to 

be more like her in this area.


Bryson got baptized at Care Camp last year, despite worries of how his mom would respond.  He 

returned from camp on fire for God.  He is now helping lead Bible studies in his apartment complex and 

actively tells his friends about Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is working in and through Bryson to reach his areas 

of influence for Christ.


May* can articulate the Gospel message and understands why Jesus came to die in a way that astounds 

me.  She remembers the stories and truths of the Bible lessons and reminds others what we have 

learned from previous weeks.  Her family is against her becoming a Christian and she has not yet 

surrendered her life to Christ, but it is evident that God has revealed these things to her and is drawing 

her to Himself.


These kids and many others are excited to know God more and it is clear that God is at work in their 

lives.  Spending time with them as they learn more about God challenges me to expect more from both 

God and them instead of constantly being surprised by what God is doing in their lives.  Every child and 

adult is made in the image of God and the same Holy Spirit that is at work in my life is at work in the 

lives of these kids.  There is no Junior Holy Spirit, no half-Spirit that is given to children and topped off 

when they reach adulthood.  The children’s bodies will grow and I pray that their relationship with God 

will grow as well, but in the meantime, I am so thankful for the work He is doing in their lives today and 

that God never changes!  



*name has been changed






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