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May 11, 2016

On Tuesday, kids came bounding into our after school program full of energy. As they chattered about their day, they asked when story time would start. Several of the kids at our program eagerly look forward to story time, rushing to write the verse for the week on their flash card while they wait.  When it’s time for the Bible story, these same kids listen attentively and jump to answer questions.  Two of the older girls have begun to take notes during story time, completely unprompted by any of the leaders. One of our older girls asked MaiChai for a Bible and now brings it to school and program. While at 

program, she looks up the new verse and story in her Bible so she can read it for herself.


The kids at my site are not the only ones excited to hear the Bible story each week.  Throughout the year, I’ve been able to visit the other Care Fresno sites, and when I have gone during their Bible story times, I have seen kids excited to learn more about Jesus.  At one site, they crowded to read the story 

and then rushed to get out their notebooks to write down the new truths they learned.



 The wonder on the kids’ faces as they learn new Bible stories keeps me going. This academic year we have been focusing on Jesus.  I want all of the kids who come to the Care Fresno after school programs to know that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend forever.  For the majority of these kids, they 

are hearing about the God of the Bible for the first time, since most of them are unchurched.  Every story is new and they are eager to hear more.

This year, my friend Sarah and I have worked together to write and create the Bible study curriculum for the different Care Fresno sites.  We adapt our lessons from a variety of curriculums, blogs, and other resources to produce something that fits the Care Fresno kids’ unique backgrounds, with crafts and 

other activities that reinforce the lesson.  


Our sites vary so much in terms of religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, but share the similarities that come with being in high crime and high poverty urban neighborhoods, so we needed curriculum that imparted biblical truths while taking into account the world they see.  One of my personal passions is presenting the Bible in a way that is culturally relevant to a particular audience.  As I get to know the kids at my site and meet the kids from the other sites, I gain a greater understanding of who these kids are, where they currently stand in their understanding of God, the obstacles in the way of them having a relationship with God, and the background from which they perceive the world.  I write with them and these factors in mind, and I have begun to see God and His Word through their lenses.  Because the Word of God is living and active, I know that God’s Word has an answer for each kid’s needs, as it reveals a Savior who meets these kids where they are and draws them to Himself.  As I spend time with these kids, I find myself desiring the same thirst for God’s Word that they exhibit, while also wanting to be a part of providing them with the love and encouragement from God’s Word that they seek.



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