Between Interruptions

April 12, 2017

Throughout my time with Care Fresno, I have had to learn to become open to being interrupted, to hold my schedule and plans with open hands in order to be available to serve my community.  While being available and interruptible is something I am still working on, God is teaching me something else alongside that lesson: how to be faithful between interruptions.


There are stretches of time between interruptions, between field trips, breakthrough moments, and even hard moments, when the bulk of life happens.  Between interruptions I sift through kids’ homework packets, read with them, share snacks, and hear about their day.  Between interruptions I play tag, referee dodgeball, and make sure kids take turns on the swings.  When done on repeat, I learn what makes each kid unique and we establish a routine together.  In the process, I experience the value of doing the same thing over and over again.  Sometimes it’s not the great things we do, but the things we do every day that show love and make a difference, such as showing up to the after school program week after week, providing a consistent presence for kids who may not have enough stability in their lives.  Between interruptions, trust is built, so that when an interruption comes, whether it’s something exciting or a crisis, I can draw on that trust to be a support system in that kid’s life.  


"But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what  great things he has done for you.  1 Samuel 12:24"


God has been so good to me, and it is my desire to serve Him faithfully with all my heart.  Faithfulness to me means remaining committed to following Jesus and eagerly doing that which I believe God has called me to do during each season of my life.  It involves dedication and dependability.  While I enjoy serving God and I love the kids I have gotten to know, my commitment needs to be independent of my emotions and energy or excitement level.  There are days when I get tired and discouraged and wonder if I’m where I’m supposed to be and if what I’m doing matters.  There are days when after school program consists of trudging through pages of homework, days when I try to get a 3rd grader to sound out basic sight words and wonder if he’ll ever be able to read at grade level.  Those are the days when I need to commit to being as faithful when I can clearly see results as I am when there is no visible progress.  Those are the days when I need to cling to the truth that even when I don’t see God or what He’s doing, He is always working.  Then when I do get to see life change, I praise God and recognize that sneak peek into His work as a gift rather than as a guarantee.



I want to joyfully serve and follow Christ through life’s hills and valleys as well as through the meadows that sandwich them.  As I develop a flexibility that enables me to continually be open to interruptions, I am also learning to live in the reality that demands faithfulness between and during interruptions.    


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