Frisbee Resiliency

March 25, 2019

The other day during recreation time at after school program, we brought out frisbees.  One of my third grade girls had never played with a frisbee before. We stood a few feet away and I tossed her the frisbee...and she caught it with her nose.  I rushed over to make sure she was okay. She felt her nose to see if it was bleeding, then ran to the playground equipment. Less than five minutes later, she returned to grab the frisbee and called out to some of the other kids to play with her.  As I watched her not only jump back into playing with the item that had hurt her but also invite others to join her, I contemplated this as an example of resiliency that I see in my youth and community members regularly. This third grader is one of six siblings, most of whom have been part of our after school program.  I have been with this family through various struggles and life occurrences. In the midst of it all, this girl remains the most encouraging kid I know, especially when it comes to cheering others on as they try new things. She always includes others and invites them to join her in whatever she is doing, though she is also content to work or play alone.  In return, the other kids at after school program look out for her and treat her with extra care and tenderness. Her resiliency inspires me and those around her.



With your support, the Care Fresno team can provide resources in the form of metaphorical and literal frisbees - physical resources as well as soft skills and social-emotional resources, which kids can incorporate into their lives and then teach others to use.  We see kids grow in areas like healthy attachment and self-regulation of behaviors, among others. Meanwhile, my neighbors model for me how to be resourceful, perseverant, and resilient in the midst of trials. Together, we can develop a stronger community.







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