• Gabrielle Wong


“Finally!” That was what 8 year old Christopher ran around my apartment shouting when I gave him his first Bible. Christopher and his 7 year old sister Alexa committed their lives to Jesus right after Easter this year while hanging out at my apartment. They caught a glimpse of God’s great love for them and chose to say yes to God.

Christopher and Alexa are eager to learn more and more about Jesus, and I love sharing Jesus with them. Christopher got so excited when he learned that God wants to talk to him through the Bible and that the Bible is God’s love letter to him. Alexa was excited to receive her Bible as well, but she was even more thrilled to learn that she can talk directly to God about anything anytime.

​When Christopher and Alexa accepted Jesus into their lives, their family situation didn’t instantly get better, nor did their behavioral problems immediately disappear, but Alexa knows that she can talk to Jesus when she’s scared and Christopher understands that God will never leave him. Christopher and Alexa have both been telling everyone how much Jesus loves them with the simple and beautiful child-like faith that I believe Christ highly values. There have been times when I’ve gone outside and found Christopher telling the other kids the latest thing he read in the Bible and Alexa teaching them to sing “Jesus Loves Me.” On August 6th, Christopher was baptized at Care Camp. His reason: “I want everyone to know that I love Jesus.”

I had no idea until I gave Christopher the Bible how badly he wanted one and was waiting for one. His response both inspires and convicts me. In the church world, people often talk about waiting on God. I have spent plenty of time waiting on God and asking Him to show me what to do next with my life. This past year, I have found that while I think I’ve been waiting on God, there have been kids waiting on me and my roommates to share what we already know about God and His immeasurable love with them. As I enter a new year with Care Fresno, I don’t want to keep any more kids waiting. I want to have more “Finally!” moments with my kids, and for that “Finally” to be today, because of all the things that kids have to wait for, learning that Jesus loves them and that the Bible tells them so should not be on that list.

“Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” – Ephesians 5:15-16