• Gabrielle Wong

Room for More

June 16-20 was our annual Care Camp, where we brought 64 youth from the communities where we run neighborhood programs to Calvin Crest in Oakhurst for 5 days of fun camp activities! Youth played games, made crafts, went hiking and boating, ate great food, made s’mores, and learned about God!

As camp approached, my mentee Alexa proactively invited her friends to come to camp with her. She shared her camp experience from previous years, passed out registration forms, followed up as needed, collected registration forms and money, and communicated with me when the forms and money were ready. Alexa was responsible for registering 9 of her friends for Care Camp this year on her own! While some of her friends ended up being unable to come to camp at the last minute, I am very proud of her initiative and leadership. Alexa acknowledged that it was a lot of work to keep track of everyone, but her biggest desire was to share what she has experienced with her friends. It’s a desire I’ve seen often in Alexa that I admire.

When we got to camp, it could have been easy for Alexa and her friends to hang out primarily with each other. Instead, Alexa challenged herself and her friends to meet as many people as they could. Throughout camp, Alexa was excited to tell me about all of the new friends she had made and how the friends she had brought had also made new friends. I pointed out to Alexa that she is playing a significant role in her friends’ faith journeys by bringing them to camp and sharing Jesus with them, something that is amazing for me to watch.

As Alexa and I talked after camp, Alexa recognized that Care Camp could accommodate more youth than came to camp this year. She declared that next year she will invite even more friends to come with her!