• Eric McIntosh

Serve God in Fresno (with us!)

We are looking for 14 new Mission Care Residents and 14 new Apprentices for the next year. You are probably wondering, what is mission care and what is an apprentice?

Mission Care

People call it the rougher side of town, the communities that are overlooked and under-served, the places that are neglected, where there is crime, poverty, low-performing schools, where kids may not be eating enough, the places we typically drive by fast because it is “dangerous” there.

I hope that one day you’ll call it home.

We move into these places and work with the youth there. As a Mission Care resident you will move into an apartment complex that is under-served and under-resourced. You’ll live there for a year and serve 10 hours a week there (4 hours of program, 2 hours of weekly training, and 4 hours whatever you feel called to do).

Mission Care is all about after school program, teen program, summer program, field trips, camp, mentorship, and more. It is about serving consistently and faithfully. It is about learning and growing in your relationship with God. It is about learning to work together with a team to reach a community. It is about experiencing the pains of the community and helping them heal. It is about creating a sanctuary for the youth, a safe place where they can be themselves and grow.

Some programs cost money, our program is free. The rent is free, the training is free, the two retreats we go on are free, and I’ll even buy you some dinner every so often. What you give the communities is worth way more than what we could ever give you. We invest about $1,100 into each of our residents a year. That’s free for you too. Because you’re worth it.

Mission Care is much more than that, but that is the gist of it.


The apprenticeship is pretty much the same thing, except you don’t move into the neighborhood. So say you already bought a house or are married or don’t want to have roommates ever in your life, this could be the program for you. Serve 6 hours a week instead of 10 (2 hours of training, 2 hours of program, and 2 hours doing whatever you feel called to do), and still go on retreats and do all the fun things residents get to do. You’ll feel a little more disconnected from the neighborhood because you don’t live there, but it will still be fun.


During our weekly training, you’ll get to hear from guest speakers from all around town. Our four focuses are Caring for community, Advancing God’s kingdom, Resourcing our leaders, and Engaging our youth. We’ll dive into topics such as poverty, human trafficking, race, biblical understanding, old and new testament, evangelism, community/data mapping, asset-based community development, and soul care, just to name a few. We hope that the training intrigues you and helps you learn and grow.

Our biggest success is when you build a trajectory of serving God in your community wherever you land. We hope to help you get there.

If you are interested in applying you can go to

If you want to learn more, feel free to email the Mentorship Coordinator, Eric McIntosh, at

Prayerfully consider joining our team.